ColdZone brings peace of mind to foodservice professionals with EcoNet® Enabled Unit Coolers. These coolers are electronically controlled evaporators for walk-in coolers and freezers designed for energy efficiency and easier installation.


Developed in conjunction with Rheem Manufacturing specifically for commercial refrigeration applications, it builds on the success, reliability and efficiency of Rheem’s EcoNet® technology to give customers a higher level of control of their walk-ins for greater energy savings.


ColdZone knows that preserving the quality of the food in your walk-in is crucial. Food waste is a very expensive and unfortunate part of the restaurant business. EcoNet® Coolers improve product quality by reducing temperature fluctuations. They also eliminate icing issues and unnecessary defrosts. For even greater control, they’ve added an easy-to-use LCD display screen user interface to specify space temperature and superheat set-points, check temperature status, view alarms, select refrigerant, force a defrost, and more.


The built-in ability to reduce fan speed to 50% during off cycles and maximize energy savings with less compressor runtime, all add to the bottom line.


The EcoNet® technology saves energy in refrigeration systems through precise superheat and space temperature control, fan cycling, and controlling how often the system goes into defrost based on compressor runtime.


EcoNet® Enabled Unit Coolers can be configured to work on a single or dual evaporator coil, and can be used with a condensing unit in single and multiple evaporator installations as a group.


Take control of your Walk-Ins for peace of mind and a better bottom line.