Navigate your water use by conserving nearly a gallon of water for every effective hand wash. That’s a lot of water. Fisher’s new Navigator Sensor Faucets were built to conserve water, reduce water heating costs, and help the environment.


With today’s awareness of germs, patrons and employees want to be able to wash their hands without touching anything. We know that faucet handles are a primary means for spreading disease. A smart, hands-free alternative to faucet handles cuts the risk of contamination and it shows your customers and employees that you are aware and that you care.


Fisher cares about providing you with ways to benefit your customers, your employees, and your business. That’s why they added features to this solution provider that will help your bottom line and deliver years of trouble-free service.


The complete kit includes the faucet, control unit, supply lines, AC adapter and mixing valve. These innovative systems are available as a wall mount or a deck mount unit. They have a built-in filter to ensure particle-free water, adjustable shut-off delay to reduce water waste, and mechanical mixing valve to prevent scalding.

Fisher takes the time to produce quality products while paying attention to the effects on the environment. Watch the video below and see what sets Fisher apart.