Your menu gets the undivided attention from all of your guests as they hold it in their hands and take it all in. This the point where diners are settling in for a great dining experience, absorbing the ambiance, and checking out what you have to offer. Your menu is your chance to convey your branding messages and express the personality of your restaurant as you would like it perceived.


Think about the reader when writing your menu. It’s been said that leaving currency symbols off of your menu results in less price focus. Make sure the menu is easy to read. Arranging menu items in sections tends to be pleasing and less overwhelming for diners as they explore their options. When using colors in your menu, be sure to accommodate the concept of your restaurant. You may even want to consider the known effects of colors on appetite. The color red is the most appetizing color and is known to trigger feelings of hunger, the color yellow is linked to feelings of happiness and is also known as an appetite stimulating color, orange combines red and yellow bringing feelings of comfort and food cravings, the color green is appealing to someone craving healthy food, the color blue is known as an appetite suppressant.


There are so many ways you can go with your menu. It should express you and the message you would like to bring to your customers. Be creative and have fun with it.

Menu Solutions has just about everything you can think of when it comes to menu options, styles, shapes, and themes. Check out the video below for a look at just a few of the menus offered by Menu Solutions.